Moisturising Detangler (for Kids)

UGX 25,000

Safely and gently removes knots and tangles. Specially made for natural Afro hair

Ingredients: Organic Shea Nilotica, Aloe vera, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils

Usage: Section hair into manageable portions and work in detangler from the root up, before combing through

Volume: 250mls

When it comes to safe and gentle detangling of natural hair, there are no two better ingredients than Shea Nilotica and aloe vera. This detangler marries both to create a product that moisturises the hair cuticle, making light work of removing knots, snarls and tangles from those little heads. Whether you have to do it daily, or after taking down a protective style such as plaits or braids, detangling your child’s hair does not have to be a painful or time consuming task that always ends in tears; many times for both of you


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