Shea Nilotica

One of nature’s most amazing creations

The bio properties of every single part of the Shea tree; the bark, nut, seed, root and leaves have medicinal value. All Asilia products use Shea Nilotica butter, the known best grade of shea butter, which in the whole world only grows wild in Uganda and Southern Sudan. The Shea Nilotica that we use is sourced locally in Pader District in Northern Uganda, is certified organic and unrefined, and therefore has more of its natural goodness.


There is nothing more integral to your hair care regimen

Two fatty acids; oleic acid and stearic acid constitute the major part of shea butter. The stearic content can be as high as 30-50%, making this vegetable butter very similar to animal fat; one of the reasons that it is so readily absorbed by skin and hair. Shea butter lends itself well to blending with other botanical ingredients, enhancing their effectiveness in shampoos, moisturisers, conditioners, masques and detanglers.



An all-purpose moisturiser that is rich in olien and Vitamins A, E, K & F, Shea Nilotica is intensely nourishing for both skin and hair, in addition to being a great treatment for stretch marks, scars, wounds, burns and dermatitis.

It is used in the Asilia Moisturising Milk as the base ingredient and carrier for essential oils. It hydrates dry hair strands from root to tip, leaving behind a moisturising, waxy-feeling layer that continues to nourish and protect your hair long after application. We especially love Shea Nilotica in our moisturiser because it does not just sit on the hair; instead it easily absorbs into the hair strands and does not leave a greasy or weighed down feel to hair.


Shea butter is commonly referred to as ‘mother nature’s conditioner’ because of the deep nourishment that it gives dry, damaged and brittle hair. Because of its texture, natural African hair tends to be dryer than any other type of hair; the natural sebum (oils) from the scalp has a hard time sliding down the shaft to the ends of the hair because of all the bends and coils. In the Asilia Cleansing and Conditioning Co-Wash that is specially made for natural African hair, Shea Nilotica nourishes weak hair and gives luster and shine to dull hair, making it silky, smooth and soft.


Shea Nilotica is the magic behind the Asilia Detangling Moisturiser for kids. It is very effective in moisturising the hair cuticle and removing knots, snarls and tangles easily, which makes it easier to detangle and tame wild hair and make it manageable.


Shea butter is probably the most used sealant in hair care and for good reason. It forms a protective layer on your scalp and hair strands that seals in moisture and acts as a barrier to dust and other environmental contaminants and harsh weather, particularly heat. Shea Nilotica in the Asilia Moisturising Milk and the Asilia Shea Butter & Peppermint Masque seals in moisture by coating each strand of hair in a thin, non-greasy layer of fat.

Scalp treatment 

The organic certified Shea Nilotica butter that we use in all our products is generally classified hypoallergenic which means that it is gentle and not likely to cause you any allergic reactions. Shea butter has been used for centuries on natural African Hair to soothe dry itchy scalp and to treat dandruff because on top of its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it also absorbs very easily into the scalp and does not clog pores. In the Asilia Scalp Conditioning Balm, Shea Nilotica works to soothe, heal and restore your scalp and hair, from root to the end.

UV Protection 

Because it aids in fastening moisture into hair, Shea butter makes for an effective sunscreen. It has an estimated SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 6, which affords quick and easy protection to your hair (and skin!) from the damaging effects of ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun and pollutants in the air. It coats the hair shafts, restores moisture and prevents your hair from drying out and becoming brittle, a common problem in our tropical hot and windy conditions.


Shea butter is especially great to use on natural African hair because it is an excellent moisturiser that softens fragile curly hair that may be hard and brittle.