Natural beauty,


all products are made with

Certified Organic Shea Nilotica Butter

Welcome to Asilia

Asilia is a Swahili word for natural. Our products provide a safe and naturally formulated approach to looking after Afro hair. At Asilia, we are inspired by the discovery that the more love you give your hair, the more love you will receive from it in return. And there is no better way to deliver this TLC than with naturally based hair care solutions. Nature is one of the things that we are most passionate about. Thankfully, we have never had to look far for inspiration to create our products. We have taken time to experiment with what is around us and the result is a range of products that are infused with natural goodness that you both you, and your hair will love.

Uganda is the one of two places in the world where Shea Nilotica, the organic base ingredient in all our indulgent products, is grown. All the other ingredients that we use are unrefined and free of parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils and sulfates. We are thankful that we get to create amazing natural products using the magic around us everyday. And more so, that the result is healthy natural hair that not only looks the part but feels great too.

Asilia is all about sharing and we anticipate welcoming you to our family, and to being a part of your transformation on your natural journey.

Natural beauty,

Discover our secret

If we had to declare the secret behind Asilia, it would have to be this amazing gift of nature. Shea Nilotica is the signature ingredient that we infuse in every single one of our products. There is nothing more integral to your natural hair care regimen because with shea butter you get it all; conditioner, moisturiser, scalp treatment and hair softener.


What Asilia stands for

Natural Hair

Afro hair, in all its textures and types is beautiful. Treat it right and you can have so much fun with it.


Our premium quality products soothe, stimulate, nourish and bring natural hair to life.

Passionately Ugandan

100% of the best, homegrown Shea Nilotica perfectly compliments other natural ingredients in every single one of our products.

We understand Afro Hair

Afro hair is beautiful. It is diverse, dynamic, vibrant and alive. At Asilia, we have taken time to understand Afro hair and want to share the joy of being au naturel. The belief that Afro hair is difficult to manage is nothing but a myth. Our range of products was created to give you a complete experience that will bring out the best in your natural Afro hair. Our treatments are crafted to cater for your hair from scalp to tip. Your hair can be natural and thrive. It’s time for you to embrace and take pleasure in it.